DVD-What On Earth Am I Here For?: A DVD Study (Revised)

by Anchor
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Here, you will embark on a journey of discovery. In the next forty days, you and your small group will discover together the answer to life\'s most fundamental question: \'What on earth am I here for?\' The Purpose Driven Life Small Group Curriculum is a six-week, video-based small group study of The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren---the book Publishers Weekly declared the \'bestselling nonfiction hardback in history.\' The six video lessons are taught by Rick Warren, supplemented by small group discussion material in the accompanying study guide (sold separately). When combined with the reading of The Purpose Driven Life, this study will give individuals and small groups the opportunity to discuss the implications and applications of these life-changing truths. Translated into over 50 languages, The Purpose Driven Life is a guide to a spiritual journey that has transformed millions of lives. Transform your life. Start your journey today.