DVD-The Daniel Dilemma Video Study

by Anchor
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As Christians, how do we not only stay engaged with the ever-shifting, ungodly culture around us but also influence it for good? How do we stand strong without becoming brittle and dogmatic? How do we love people vastly different in their attitudes and lifestyles without compromising our biblical beliefs? These questions are being asked by Christians today from breakfast tables to water coolers to Bible study groups.The book of Daniel provides us with clear answers. At the young age of sixteen, the Babylonians enslaved Daniel and took him from his homeland. Yet for the next seventy years of his captivity, Daniel remained firmly dedicated to God and his faith without yielding to the pagan influences of the culture around him. In so doing, he demonstrates to us today how we can remain standing strong when everyone around us is bowing down to cultural idols.And Daniel did it without becoming rude, insulting, or angry! He understood the goal wasn\'t to be right but to have influence. Christians are likewise called to take a stand today to reveal God\'s truth and light, not their own. Daniel showed grace and truth to the people around him—just like Jesus did, and just like we\'re called to do to a world in desperate need of the gospel.Sessions include:God Never ChangesMaintaining Our IdentityKeeping Our FocusStaying Free of PrideMaking the Most of Our TimeImitating Christ in All We DoDesigned for use with the Daniel Dilemma Study Guide (sold separately).