DVD-See-Through Life DVD Curriculum Kit

by Anchor
SKU: 130885
Today’s teenagers face so many temptations, so many opportunities, so many possible ways to follow the road to future success down the road—and just as many possible ways to derail those plans by messing up.But author and speaker Craig Gross knows that youth ministries can make a difference in leading young people toward a lifestyle of accountability. And that’s a piece of amazingly good news—teenagers don’t have to figure this out on their own. They have parents and other adults who want to help them. They also have one another—fellow Christians who are trying to make sense of the teenage years.True accountability opens the door to experiencing life with the knowledge that someone is backing you up, no matter what. It’s a lifestyle that will inevitably deepen young people as individuals and as followers of Christ. Because they aren’t hiding anything, they don’t have to look over their shoulder in worry. And they can pursue the path toward living a full and satisfying life into and through adulthood.In addition to the 4 weeks of video teachings, See-Through Life also includes discussion guides, promotional materials, and other helpful materials. And all of the resources are editable and reproducible. Plus, this conversation-driven series includes separate content specifically focused on guys and girls.