DVD-Reach Out: 4-Week DVD Curriculum

by Anchor
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Toss around words like “evangelism” and “witnessing,” and watch your teenagers run and hide. Many students are intimidated by the idea of sharing their faith with friends, but Greg Stier is convinced they don’t have to be. In this four-week DVD curriculum, Stier uses his dynamic and edgy delivery style to help teenagers discover both the simplicity and necessity of sharing their faith.Reach Out will help you as a youth worker effectively address the topic of evangelism and spur your teenagers toward a greater passion for sharing their faith.This series covers four engaging topics for teenagers:Week 1—Just Ask: Students will be equipped with specific questions and strategies for turning conversations toward God [6:31Week 2—Sharing Your Faith With Style: Students will see how God uses the combination of their personalities and their spiritual gifts to help them share their faith in a one-of-a-kind way [4:56Week 3—Master the Basics: Students will learn a simple approach to presenting the whole message of the gospel in a clear and compelling way [6:38Week 4—THE Cause: Students will be challenged to get involved in THE greatest cause ever, Christ’s cause of making disciples who make disciples [8:53 This series will help transform evangelism from something intimidating and scary into something instinctive, natural, and rewarding.