DVD-Power Praisemoves

by Anchor
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Thousands of women have found a faith-building Christian alternative to yoga in Laurette Willis’s previous DVDs, PraiseMoves™ and 20-Minute PraiseMoves™. Now, the Power PraiseMoves™ DVD adds a new dimension to Laurette’s exercise program, a dimension that will attract those who

are ready to take their PraiseMoves workout to a new level
are looking for a physically challenging Christian alternative to yoga
are specifically interested in a flowing, high-energy aerobic workout without the spiritual dangers of “power yoga.”
A 45-minute and a 20-minute workout are enhanced by a teaching segment that helps participants achieve good form in the more challenging postures.

As with Laurette’s earlier productions, exercise enthusiasts will be delighted as they increase their flexibility, lose weight, ease stress, and nurture their prayer life and knowledge of Scripture. A superb source of whole-person health and rejuvenation for believers’ daily walk with God.