DVD-LIVE Children's Curriculum-Year 1 (Getting To Know God: Bible Basics)

by Anchor
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LIVE Children\'s Curriculum is a multi-age Large Group / Small Group format for elementary aged children in Grades 1 - 6. With LIVE, kids develop a friendship with God, strengthen Bible skills, and learn key Bible truths. This on-line digital curriculum gives you the ability to customize lesson content, communicate electronically with volunteers, and provide your team with curriculum access from personal iPhones or Android phones. Follow the suggested scope & sequence or use it in any order that works for your church!

Each yearly volume contains: One sing-along DVD with music videos and countdowns; 4 quarterly music CDs packed with Scripture based songs for each lesson; on-line access to 52 customizable lessons; access to all the online administrative tools. Volume 1 lesson content contains: Getting to Know God (Bible Basics); Building Trust in God (Communication); Sticking with God (Knowing His Love); Putting God First (My Life). For samples and more information, please see the link above.