DVD-Life Of A King

by Anchor
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This movie is inspired by a true story. Cuba Gooding Jr. gives an excellent performance as Eugene Brown. After his release from prison he connects with teens in high school detention and gets a few of them involved in playing Chess. One kid named Peanut shows potential for the future but his problem is that he hangs with the wrong crowd. One of the students, called Tahime (Malcolm M. Mays), has a real talent for Chess but refuses to get involved. When a tragic moment occurs, Tahime is interested, as he wants his life to count, although his own mother thinks that it?s a joke for him to enter tournaments but Brown has full confidence in Tahime?s talent. ?Life of a King? is about the choices that people make and the consequences of those decisions. It also makes the point that it is never too late for a person to change paths and the ending is inspiring. We are awarding our Dove ?Family-Approved? Seal to the film for ages twelve plus. ?Life of a King? soars with the possibility of hope!