DVD-In The Middle Of The Mess Video Study

by Anchor
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In this six-session video-based Bible study (guide sole separately), bestselling author Sheila Walsh shares a practical method she has learned for connecting with God and leaning on his strength in the midst of trials. The first step in this process is being vulnerable and welcoming God into the innermost hurt. From that place of honesty, we can begin to form a daily relationship with Christ through confession, prayer, and meditation on Scripture.As we tap into God\'s strength and build up a godly community to support us, we are equipped with new spiritual defenses to help us withstand the enemy. We are able to persevere in the midst of challenges and see how God is working through those struggles. Thriving—not merely surviving—becomes our goal, and we find freedom as a child of God who is fully known, fully loved, and fully accepted.Throughout the study, Sheila bares her heart by sharing the hardened defenses that kept her from being fully known by God—including those that bubbled up after the recent loss of her mother. She reveals how entering into this safe place with God and practicing a daily connection with him has since saved her from the devil\'s prowling attacks. Participants in the study will learn how to...Acknowledge their brokenness and their journey through itForm a daily, practical relationship with Jesus that is honest and healing by intentionally using the spiritual practices of confession, prayer, and meditationUnderstand the importance of fostering a small group of friends with whom they can build a safe community and reveal intimate strugglesPut down the lies they tell themselves and pick up the truth that only God providesSpeak powerful prayers out loud that kill shame and allow hope to flourish from withinAs Sheila says, though we will never be completely \ixed\ on earth, we can celebrate the truth that we are being saved continually through Christ.Sessions include:Brokenness Is the BeginningDiscovering Our Authentic IdentityDaily Practices with GodFinding a Safe Place on EarthStrength for the BattleFully Known, Accepted, and LovedDesigned for use with the In the Middle of the Mess Study Guide (sold separately).