DVD-Four Cups DVD Group Experience

by Anchor
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The God of the universe has made you some big promises. He made them first in the Old Testament, and they remain at the core of his heart and have never changed. They?re the key to your fulfillment and to his plans for you, both in this life and the life to come. God wants to rescue you from bondage. And he wants you to be a part of a family that is making a difference. The Four Cups DVD Experience, based on the popular book by Church of the Highlands pastor Chris Hodges, is a dynamic eight-week study that invites you on a journey toward transformation.Through continued exploration of the ancient celebration of Passover, Chris reveals that, no matter where we are on our spiritual journey, the four cups of promise provide a simple, powerful, unforgettable way of reaching our potential and growing closer to God.Your thirst for more will finally be quenched?and you?ll experience a wellspring of joy, hope, and purpose. Don?t miss the companion resource Four Cups Participant?s Guide.