Dvd-Faithing It Prayer Party

by Anchor
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Where Prayer Becomes Fun and Powerful! Has prayer ever frustrated you? You want to pray. You know that there is power in prayer. But when it comes to actually praying maybe you don\'t know what words to say. Maybe it feels boring. Maybe you feel uncomfortable praying in front of other people. Get ready for everything to change! The Faithing It Prayer Party is your opportunity to come together with others, build relationships, play games, laugh, cry, share a meal and learn how to pray with confidence and power! Prayer doesn\'t have to be a boring religious activity. You can actually have a fun and powerful prayer party! Each week, you will watch one video session where Cora Jakes-Coleman encourages you to pray For Perseverance and receive strength in the middle of your storms! God\'s Promises and declare what God\'s Word says about your life and circumstances! Against Fear and overcome the worries that come against you! Over your friends and family and start seeing breakthrough happen in the lives of your loved ones! So join the party! Start praying together and release your faith to see miraculous results! *Includes leader\'s guide for facilitating the prayer party activities.