DVD-Esther, A Video Study (Zondervan Beyond The Basics Series)

by Anchor
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Esther, A Video Study features scholar and professor Marion Taylor teaching through the book of Esther in 11 engaging and challenging lessons. Based on her Esther commentary in The Story of God Bible Commentary series, these video lessons explain and illuminate each passage of the book in light of the Bible\'s overarching grand story. Taylor offers an engaging and probing introduction to the entire book of Esther, guiding viewers in creatively and faithfully living out its messages in today\'s context. Using a story-centric approach, this set of lessons is ideal for formal and informal students alike, and for everyone who wants to better understand the book of Esther today.Esther, A Video Study is part of the Beyond the Basics Series, which is dedicated to bringing expert teaching from world\'s best biblical scholars and theologians directly to interested learners. Esther, A Video Study breathes life into each passage of the book, examined in its canonical and historical setting, in order to foster discernment in living God\'s story faithfully and creatively with and for the church in the 21st century.