Drawing The Line

by Anchor
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Overwhelmed by the claims on your time and energy? Psychotherapist and business mindset coach Kate Crocco shows you how to claim your priorities, establish healthy limits, and step into the abundance God promises you.In order to live a full and abundant life in alignment with our dreams and callings, we first need to become crystal clear on where we draw our boundary lines. But where and how do we draw the line? And how do we communicate clearly and lovingly to those around us where the line is and why it\'s important?With plenty of relatable stories from her life juggling multiple businesses and a full house, therapist and mindset coach Kate Crocco offers eight principles that will help you understand, create, and maintain healthy boundaries in order to find more peace, greater fulfillment, and less burnout. She shows you how to take back control from the whims of other people\'s opinions about what you should be doing so that you can align your time and priorities with God\'s highest calling for your life.Stop selling yourself short, waiting for permission, and looking to others for approval to begin living a life of purpose, passion, and personal peace.