Don't Dread

by Anchor
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Overcome the Spirit of Dread With the Supernatural Power of God!

Have you been dreading what\'s ahead?

Dread often comes as a very small negative feeling about ordinary situations that happen every day. It is so subtle that it may sneak into your thoughts and cause undue anxiety that can steal your faith. Don\'t let dread rob you of your peace and joy! Learn to stop this silent deceiver today.

In this life-changing book Joyce Meyer reveals the subtle forms of dread that are seeking to destroy the abundant life God has provided for you. God\'s Word gives you the ability to recognize these \little foxes\ and the power to confront them from their onset. You are anointed by God to enjoy the ordinary things in life and live each day in the freedom God intended for you.

Don\'t allow dread\'s unhealthy expectations to defeat your faith. Start living with the joyful expectancy of God\'s best in every moment of your life!