Don't Blame The Children

by Anchor
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Many child experts agree that the role of a father in the lives of children is crucial to guiding and nurturing their development. Unfortunately, most men coast through their parenting journey without ever reflecting, assessing, or measuring the impact their actions and words have on their children. Fortunately, all is not lost. If men would begin to pursue fatherhood the way they pursue sex, the results would be pretty incredible. Through his many personal stories, Derek\'s proactive, self-reflective approach to parenting offers men at any stage in their parenting journey the opportunity to: • Reflect on their current parenting choices, • Assess and analyze their areas of strength, areas requiring improvement, and areas yet to be developed, • Discover tips and strategies to assist in achieving the changes or improvements they desire. Take the risk! Begin your John 10:10-ordained abundant, filled to the brim, overflowing life with your children today. You will never regret it!

About the Author: Derek Bradley spent several years as an elementary teacher, principal, and Director of Education. He is a graduate of the Government of Canada\'s ileadership program as well as the International School of Ministry (biblical studies). Today, he works as an education specialist. Derek and his three boys-Tyler, Luke, and Wells-currently reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Their family vision is to help the less fortunate and marginalized people of today\'s generation reach their full potential.