Distant Echoes (Aloha Reef V1)

by Anchor
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While vacationing mainlanders and island locals revel in the cool waters and the sunny beaches of Kauai, Hawaii, a missile test goes off-course, destroying a local tourist boat and killing several passengers. Could sloppy science be at fault or could sabotage be the culprit?When the investigation leads nowhere, Kaia Ohana, island resident and dolphin researcher, is called upon by Jesse Matthews, head of security at the naval base, to help. Aided by dolphins Kaia\'s been teaching to communicate, Kaia and Jesse must try to stop a terrorist before he can strike again.Best-selling author Colleen Coble\'s trademarks-rich characterizations of people and animals combined with page-turning suspense and compelling romance-make this new suspense series set in Hawaii a must-read.