Discovering Your Identity (Charles F. Stanley Bible Study Series) (Sep)

by Anchor
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Who are you? The only right way to understand who you are is to see yourself from God\'s perspective, as described in His Word. In Discovering Your Identity, you will be led through the many layers of understanding who you are in the eyes of God. As your search God\'s Word, you will discover many truths about yourself—such as the fact you are a beloved child of God, you are the heir of God\'s inheritance, and you are a member of the Body of Christ. In short . . . you are God\'s masterpiece!The Charles Stanley Bible Studies are a unique approach to Bible study, incorporating biblical truth, personal insights, emotional responses, and a call to action. Each study draws on Dr. Stanley\'s many years of teaching on the guiding principles found in God\'s Word, showing how we can apply them in practical ways to every situation we face. This edition of the series has been completely revised and updated and includes two brand-new lessons from Dr. Stanley.