Demystifying Decision-Making

by Anchor
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Drawing Closer to God One Decision at a TimeOn an average day, people makes countless decisions: Should I get out of bed or hit the snooze button? What should I have for breakfast? Where should we go for this year?s vacation? While some decisions are easy to make, others can leave individuals paralyzed and full of anxiety. As Christians living in an increasingly individualistic society, what?s the best strategy for making decisions that honor God while becoming more like him in the process?Writing from her own experience and pointing to biblical examples, Aimee Joseph offers a biblical and theological framework for decision-making. She explains God?s design for humans as decision-makers, the biblical model for making choices, common wrong approaches, practical tips, and what to do when you?ve made a poor decision. With the philosophy that ?as we shape our decisions, our decisions shape us,? Joseph teaches readers how to worship and draw closer to Christ through their daily decisions.