Critical Thinking for Math Workbook, Grade 2, Paperback

by Spectrum®
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Help your child achieve success in and out of the classroom with a Spectrum® math workbook that improves critical thinking. The standards-based Spectrum Critical Thinking for Math for second grade guides children through problem-solving strategies including: • addition and subtraction • measurement • geometry Spectrum Critical Thinking for Math helps children apply classroom math skills to real-world scenarios. Spectrum Critical Thinking for Math provides problem-solving instruction, math reasoning questions, and word problems that encourage students to extend classroom learning to the real world. Complete with problem-solving instruction, reasoning questions, word problems, pretests, post-tests, and a completed answer key, this series helps children retain knowledge while introducing problem-solving methods for success. Providing comprehensive, grade-specific titles that encourages the skills and standards taught in today's classroom, Spectrum supports your child's educational journey every step of the way. Spectrum offers a variety of subject-specific practice to reinforce classroom learning, skill-specific titles to enhance educational concepts, and test prep titles to improve test-taking skills. Spectrum is here to help every child get ahead.

Key Features :

i : Strategies and activities to extend mathematical understanding
ii : Adding and subtracting through 3-digit numbers
iii : Metric and customary measurement
iv : Components of 3-D shapes
v : Working with graphs
vi : Answer key included