Creating A Habitation For God?S Glory

by Anchor
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Historically, God has moved mightily through revivals, awakenings, and outpourings of His Spirit. But these legendary moments are only a glimpse into what God desires for you each and every day. Your everyday life can be a permanent dwelling place for God?s presence. Todd Smith, pastor of Christ Fellowship Dawsonville and leader of the North Georgia Revival, has first hand experience in creating a habitation for God. He was on the verge of quitting the ministry when the Holy Spirit began showing him how to create a place in his life for the Presence of God to live. Today, Todd shares these keys with you! Discover how to… Shift from revival visitation to Holy Spirit habitation?where God?s manifest Presence rests upon you with power.Become a carrier of God?s holy fire?where you impact the atmosphere around you.Practice core values that protect the Presence?keys that help you cultivate and sustain a lifestyle saturated in God?s presence and power.Create atmospheres that pass God?s test?discover what the Holy Spirit is seeking in order for Him to manifest His Presence.Pray three things that position you for supernatural set-ups. Discover the supernatural power and peace that comes when you make your life a habitation for God?s glory!