Create In Me A Heart Of Peace

by Anchor
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Having a heart that dwells in peace strengthens your faith as well as those around you. This six-session study will restore your peace as you focus on our everpresent, neverending God.Jesus said, \'Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you.\' So why are we still wracked with stress and anxiety? Why do we look at our world, our own churches and neighborhoods and see anything but peace? What causes this disconnect between what we read in Scripture and what we often experience in our own lives?Create in Me a Heart of Peace is a six-week Bible study that will help you- experience an inner calm-meets-strength that doesn\'t rattle with volatile circumstances or disappear with busyness- learn to make peace a daily posture and practice that shapes the rhythm of your days and tethers you to Jesus- discover a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your life and pursue peace as your God-given purposeThe peace of Jesus is more powerful, practical, and applicable to our lives than any counterfeit version this world could offer. Join (in)courage and let God created in you a heart of peace!