Create In Me A Heart Of Hope

by Anchor
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Having a heart that beats with hope strengthens your faith, as well as those around you. This six-session study reminds you of the eternal hope that will sustain you in all seasons of life.Have you ever felt hopeless? Perhaps you\'re facing circumstances you never prepared for or even imagined. Maybe you\'re looking for any hint of encouragement, any inkling that this--whatever your this might be--won\'t last forever or destroy you. Maybe you\'re afraid to hope or perhaps you\'re not even sure what hope is.Whether you\'re new to faith or a lifelong Christ follower, holding onto hope can be hard. Create in Me a Heart of Hope is a six-week Bible study packed with relevant observations and applications, as well as daily prayers and Scripture memorization. Perfect for individuals or small groups, this study will help you- learn where hope comes from and the difference it can make in your life- cling to God\'s truth and assurance when you\'re waiting or overwhelmed, when you\'ve been hurt, or when you feel trapped- begin living with confidence as you firmly grasp the hope God is offeringWhatever you\'re facing, God\'s unshakable hope can meet you there.