Crayola Construction Paper Crayons

by EDResources
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Crayolaå¨ crayon Classpackså¨ are the economical, organized way to bring Crayolaå¨ quality to every class. They provide multiple crayon sets for convenient classroom and group use. Crayons provide true color, no piling, build up, or erasing of crayon layers ‰ÛÓ good lay down. Tip and barrel strong, durable, long lasting and economical. Double‰ÛÔwrapped for added strength with the color name on the label. Large size crayons measure 4" x 7/16" and are available in a sturdy, compartmentalized, convenient, re-usable Classpackå¨. Traditional crayon colors perfect for teaching color mixing. Non-toxic, AP Seal.‰ÛÓ 8 colors