Courage And Hope For Every Day

by Anchor
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This special collection of 180 daily readings will encourage you during the challenges of life, offering courage and hope through the promises in God\'s Word and his presence in your life.When we get out of bed in the morning, we don\'t know what the day ahead holds. It could be routine. It could be amazing. It could be devastating. No matter what happens, one of the biggest influences on the direction our days take is our own attitude. We can live in fear, worry, and anxiety, or we can choose to live with purpose, trusting God in every circumstance.Compact and beautifully designed, Carolyn Larsen\'s Courage and Hope for Every Day offers you 180 inspiring devotional readings that will help you remember God\'s presence in your days and see your world from a positive perspective. These short, to-the-point readings illuminate God\'s promises and show you just how they apply to your everyday life.