Complete Bible & History DVD Subscription

by CDI-Nest
Save 67%

Combine live action drama with powerful animation and you have a winning combination. Enjoy the best biblical and educational package Nest Family has to offer! With our special monthly subscription, you will be mailed one DVD a month for 56 months to complete our Bible and History DVD collection! You will be charged each month for the DVD you receive. For a limited time only, we are offering the first DVD in the collection for only $9.95. Each subsequent month will be $19.95.

The 56 titles include 12 stories from the Old Testament, 24 Stories from the New Testament, and 20 Historical Biographies including:

John the Baptist* The Ministry of Paul* The Good Samaritan* He Is Risen* The Miracles of Jesus* Treasures in Heaven* The Parables Of Jesus* The Prodigal Son* Saul of Tarsus* Built Upon the Rock* Jesus, the Son of God* The Kingdom of Heaven* Daniel* Esther* David and Goliath* Elijah* Elisha* Samuel* Pocahontas* George Washington* Galileo* Marco Polo* Benjamin Franklin* Florence Nightingale* Thomas Edison* Harriet Tubman* Helen Keller* The Wright Brothers* The Lost Is Found* The Greatest is the Least* The Righteous Judge* Lord, I Believe* Lazarus* Bread From Heaven* The Lord's Prayer* Signs of the Times* Worthy is the Lamb* Forgive Us Our Debts* The King is Born* The Messiah Comes* Ruth* Joseph in Egypt* Joseph's Reunion* Abraham and Isaac* Solomon* Moses* Alexander Graham Bell* Marie Curie* The Maccabees* Beethoven* Louis Pasteur* Joan of Arc* Abraham Lincoln* William Bradford* Leonardo Da Vinci* Christopher Columbus