by Cinemood
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CINEMOOD is a mini movie theater! This absolutely noiseless 3-inch portable projector with kid-friendly directional buttons. Doesn’t require computers, phones or wall outlets and creates up to 12-foot projection on any flat surface.

Bring the magic of educational Disney content and your favorite shows from Netflix or Amazon Prime on the big screen - anytime, anywhere, all from the palm of your hand.

CINEMOOD is the world’s first, noiseless, smart, ultralight standalone content projector, that converts any surface into your own, 12-foot personal movie theater.
• Steams content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube
• Pre-loaded with more than 120 hours of kid-friendly edutainment
content, including Disney and Ameba TV (available with subscription)
• Download and play your own content with 16GB of internal memory
• Absolutely noiseless with a 5 hour battery life
• Sharp images with no blue light makes screen time safer for your
Projector type: DLP, nHD