Challenge The

by Anchor
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Two families face circumstances that will change their lives. Roy and Reanna are devastated when they discover Livy had planned to end her life. Lola, a young woman bound to her wheelchair due to an accident, can identify with Livy's desire to die. But she is also the only one capable of giving Livy the will to live again. Grady is in possession of his mother, Sophie's, medical directive, and makes the decision to have life support removed. He is not prepared, however, for his sister-in-law, Dinah's wrath, when she discovers what he has done. Can Elliott, already upset by Grady's careless attitude to their mother, find a way to comfort Dinah in this darkest moment? Holly, a housekeeper with a longing for Dr. Kimball to find happiness, shares her cheerful attitude with all around her. But another doctor on staff is in sharp disagreement with Dr. Kimball about how they care for their patients, and this debate could change the way they approach their medical careers forever.