Caring for the Harvest Force in the New Millennium (EMS 9)

by Anchor
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Evangelical Missiological Society Series Number 9 contains: Author Profiles, Introduction by F. Douglas Pennoyer, Spiritual Foundations of Care Giving by Will Norton, The Pastoral Epistles on Care Giving by Charles Chaney, A Theological Journey of Care by J. Julius Scott Jr., Caring for a Camcorder Culture by Paul Metzger, Caring for a Coming Anarchy by Larry Poston, Caring for Those in Crisis by Robert Klamser, Caring for Partnerships by Jehu Hanciles, Caring for Indigenous Harvesters by Sue Russell, Caring for Hungarians by Joi Van Deventer, Caring for Members by Brent Lindquist, Caring for GenXers by Tom Steffen,