Candle-Liquid Wax Candle-5" (Fits 7/8" Socket) (Pack of 2) (RW 32) (Pkg-2)

by Anchor
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For Artistic 7/8 inch Socket Candlesticks. 5 inchs x 3/4 inch and holds 1/2 oz. Refuel approx. every 2-3 hours. 1 lb. Pair.Fiberglass wick never needs adjusting or replacing (if it is never allowed to dry out). Solid brass snuffer snuffs flame out if candlestick is knocked over. Longer lasting than standard tube candles (all burning times are with a 3/4 inch high flame, 1/8 inch wick). 98% Paraffin liquid wax fuel.

Price per pair. Candelesticks are not included.

RW 32