Calling & Character

by Anchor
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One of the casualties in our culture wars over shifting definitions of ethical behavior ahs been the ability to think clearly about the relation of one\'s character to the performance of one\'s job. This has been especially the case in recent debates over clergy misconduct, where much has been said on what point they should do so. Yet, as William H. Willimon points out, a far more fundamental set of questions goes unasked. When, at ordination, clergy commit themselves to live an exemplary Christian life,what particular perspective and habits must they develop if this commitment is to survive the strain of a lifetime of ministry? Waht are the expectations they must have regarding the consequences of failure to live up to their commitments? Willimon lays out a clear and compelling picture of the pastorial life, one that will inform both those embarking on ordained ministry and those who have been in it for many years. He lays our specific habits such as study, collegiality, and humor as the day-to-day means of following the difficult and dangerous, yet deeply rewarding, calling of pastor.