Called To Stay

by Anchor
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The Church?

Heavy on tradition but light on conviction.
Overflowing with knowledge but dry in spirit.
Plenty of small talk but no real community. least that\'s what the Millennials are saying. This generation of young adults wants to follow Christ, but many don\'t see any need for the Church in that equation.

Enter breakout new author Caleb Jennings Breakey. In his debut book, Caleb encourages young people not to abandon the church, but to put their passion to use for the church. Caleb shows his generation how to

•inject truth, passion, and conviction into other believers
•live as a reflection of Jesus, both in and out of the church
•contribute to the solution instead of giving up
The church desperately needs Millennials who are passionate for Christ, hungry for the Word, humble in all things, and fearless in spurring on the body of Christ to love and good works. The Millennials have the passion. Caleb Jennings Breakey will show them how to use it.