Call Down Lightning (Mar 2019)

by Anchor
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Author, church historian, and biblical scholar Wallace Henley believes we are in urgent need of revival today more than at any other time in history. Using the Welsh Revival of 1904 as an example of what revival is, how it happens, and when it might strike again, Henley makes a compelling case that a global revival may be much closer than we think. There are patterns to revival.What happens when a dramatic, sudden interaction between heaven and earth releases its energy upon the earth? In Call Down Lightning, Wallace Henley answers “revival”—a real and deep work by the Spirit of God, impacting every facet of human life and engagement. He believes such a spiritual event is not only possible today but probable, and likely a harbinger of the end times.   What would this look like? Henley believes God gave us a glimpse in 1904–05 in the United Kingdom’s country of Wales. Studying the characteristics of the Welsh Revival and the historical cycle revealed in God’s interactions with nations in which revival recurs across time, Henley believes our contemporary world is ripe for the lightning of another revival. And the purpose of revival? Readers will be surprised by Henley’s startling revelation: “Revival sustains God’s order midst the chaos of fallen nations until Jesus steps back into real, measurable time, and brings the rule of His kingdom as the state of the whole, redeemed creation.” He believes that the cycle of these God-ordered events reveals that God could be up to something big, perhaps moving all creation nearer to its sudden conclusion and rebirth. If indeed history since Christ’s ascension soon reaches its fullness, Henley is confident that we will be a part of the next great worldwide revival that helps bring about this glorious event.