Buyer Beware

by Anchor
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<P>Have you ever thought why it is that so many Christians are reticent to enter into the \'\'marketplace of ideas?\'\'  Jesus commanded us to go into the world to deliver <I>His </I>message of truth, delivered in love.  But He never said it would easy.  </P><P>In <I>BUYER BEWARE, </I>Janet Parshall takes the reader on a journey through the public square where <I>ideas</I> are \'\'bought\'\' and \'\'sold\'\' but where <I>Truth</I> is sometimes difficult to find.  She examines some of the most controversial issues being debated in our culture today, by looking at them through the lens of Scripture.  </P><P> Using the prophet Jeremiah\'\'s instructive letter to the exiles, held in Babylonian captivity, Parshall shows how a people, held captive in a sin-sick, fallen world, can live abundantly and triumphantly by loving God\'\'s truth and by bolding declaring it in the public square.</P><P> <I>BUYER BEWARE</I> is designed to encourage modern day saints as enter the \'\'marketplace\'\' by helping them discover the richness of God\'\'s word and the poverty of the world\'\'s message.</P>