Burning Ones

by Anchor
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The Burning Ones charts the vision of an emergent movement of sold-out followers of Jesus - those who have aligned themselves with the company of burning hearts that God is raising up around the world. Steve Uppal contends that a new breed of no-compromise Christian is being awakened across the land. In previous generations there have been notable examples - believers who saw God move in power through the completeness of their surrender to His Spirit. Smith Wigglesworth, George Muller, Kathryn Kuhlman and others were forerunners for what is to come. But now, rather than rising up individuals, God is raising an army of like-minded, passionate warriors. A generation is rising of the same calibre of the giants of the past, who will go further and achieve more for the Kingdom of God than their predecessors. In this book Steve Uppal shows us how we can be a part of what God is doing and he gives us practical tools to help us walk that path. Your heart was created to burn - to be set aflame with the radiating glory of God\'s presence. For too long, too many have settled for much less than this. Now it is time to rise up and answer the call.