Building Relationships That Last w/2 CD & DVD

by Anchor
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Whether you need broken relationships repaired, or just need to strengthen the ones you have, Kenneth & Gloria Copeland have a life-saving message for you. In this interactive Life-Line kit, you\'ll find an in-depth, 10-day Spiritual Action Plan designed to help you think scripturally about the relationships in your life-from your marriage and family to your church and workplace connections. From day one, you will saturate your life with the Word of God, using the information and tools in this action plan. By following this simple and practical Spiritual Action Plan, in 10 days, you\'ll completely renew your mind to what God says about your relationships, so you can fortify you marriage, stand for your children, experience blessed church friendships, and discover your part in taking God\'s Word to a hurting world. Start your journey to Building Relationships That Last!