Building Hope

by Anchor
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Life is busy, insanely busy. From demanding jobs and full schedules to family and home responsibilities, most of us power through each day trying to balance work and life. Our lives are so filled with noise that it is hard to imagine being able to hear from God. But what if He stepped into the noise and began calling you to something in the midst of the chaos? And what if that something seemed like a completely impossible undertaking, given the limited amount of time and resources you had? Would you be willing to take Him up on His request?

Building Hope is a first person account of Dan Wallrath, a self-described “Average Joe,” who felt an undeniable pull on heart to help a very specific and heroic group of people, providing them with custom-built mortgage-free homes. It outlines his experiences in being led to start Operation Finally Home (OFH), helping war-wounded soldiers and their families with a hand up and fresh start after returning from war. It includes two gripping first-person accounts of families struggling to transition from war to home, one from the perspective of an Army widow, and the other from a Special Forces soldier who nearly died in battle.

Readers of Building Hope will:
Learn that with a small amount of faith, God can intervene in a mighty way in the service of others.
Understand the physical, mental, and financial hardships that servicemen and women and their families face once home from war.
Be motivated to stretch out in faith to act and use God given talents and resources to help those in need.
Building Hope emphasizes the importance of our individual talents, reminding us to consider the resources and skills God may be calling us to use to further His kingdom in a way that is only ours.