Building Better Relationships (Women Of The Word)

by Anchor
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Everyone wants satisfying, intimate relationships-but not everyone agrees on the best way to achieve them. In Building Better Relationships, readers go to the source of truth about making relationships thrive: the Bible. This interactive study, ideal for individuals or small groups, starts with the premise that fulfilling relationships with people begins with a right relationship with God. As readers discover, accept and believe who they are in God\'s eyes-the Beloved-they are empowered and secure to build relationships that flow out of God\'s love for them. Building Better Relationships includes eight weeks of study. Topics include \Loving Our Neighbors,\ \Honoring One Another,\ \Handling Confrontation,\ \Learning to Listen\ and much more. Each week\'s study examines a particular challenge of relationships, digs into Scripture to find out what God\'s Word has to say about that challenge, offers readers the opportunity to reflect on their own relationships and suggests practical action steps to help readers apply what they have learned.