Building A Ministry Of Spiritual Mentoring (Romans 12 Disciple)

by Anchor
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There is nothing more fundamental to the Christian faith and to building godly men than discipleship. In today?s vernacular, discipleship would best be described as ?Spiritual Mentoring.? Why are discipleship and mentoring so important??How does discipleship connect to men and the struggles they face today?Authentic discipleship is about developing a caring concern and a genuine love for others through modeling Christ-like attitudes and behavior in the context of relational environments. A fresh approach is needed to define, implement, and equip men with a passion to make disciples.?It starts with relationship.Men are desperate for meaningful relationships both with God and other men. Building a Ministry of Spiritual Mentoring will help churches and ministry leaders create dynamic environments for men to experience real transformation and develop authentic Christian relationships. This proven method?will assist your church or group in?effectively developing and deploying a?ministry of spiritual mentoring.Features include:Metaphors, anecdotes, and practical applicationsProven tools for developing a ministry around spiritual mentoringDiscussion questions