Bridges To Convergence In 21st Century Thought

by Anchor
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Bridges to Convergence in 21st Century Thought confronts the struggles contributing to the fractures in today\'s society. It tackles the problems arising from this divergence of thought, most notably polarization, fragmentation, and depersonalization in Western society. Arguably, the fractures are the result of a failed three hundred year old experiment that has resulted in the leading philosophies of today\'s Western world being secular humanism and scientific determinism. In short, technology now masters mankind rather than serving it, leaving amoral Western man as a dispensable cog in the machine-a commodity more so than a sacred being-and a mass of cells relegated to evolve in a world with no hope or future, values or absolutes. Man has become a something rather than someone. The evolving twenty-first century global society is now demanding a new thought that seeks values and connections but does not exclude the eighty-nine per cent of the world population that does not live in the West, or the eighty-five per cent of the world population that does believe in the religious and spiritual.

Bridges to Convergence argues that a new twenty-first century thought will be a matter of global design and input. This book offers first steps towards that thought through bridges to convergence between peoples, communities, societies, and nations, promoting common sensibilities, values, personhood, dignity, respect and hope.