Bride Of Christ Unveiled, The

by Anchor
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Brace yourself, Church! We\'re going to hit the brakes hard and make a sharp right turn. We\'re heading off to the New Jerusalem, the Bride of Christ! Now, if this last sentence seems a little strange to you, that\'s good; it was intended to. You see, for centuries evangelical Christians have believed that the Christian Church is Christ\'s bride, but a relatively thorough investigation into this subject has led to a fascinating, unconventional discovery! In this book, we\'re going to travel down a road much spoken of but seldom traveled. Down Revelation Road, we\'ll discover firsthand just who the bride is primarily, and our unique association to her. We must be courageous on this trek, willing to lay down our traditions and preconceived ideas for weightier biblical truths. So hop in, buckle up, and be ready for an interesting, challenging, and life-changing ride.