Breaking The Islamic Code

by Anchor
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World events won’t let North Americans ignore Muslims anymore. Whether those Muslims are villagers in Iraq or neighbors down the street, Breaking the Islam Code offers everyday Christians profound insight into the way Muslims think and feel.

J.D. Greear’s ability to communicate challenging heart truth, plus his expertise in Christian and Islamic theology and two years’ experience in a Muslim-dominated area, make him the perfect author for this empowering, insightful, reader-friendly book. It transcends traditional apologetics, focusing on helping Christians

understand what is deep in Muslims’ hearts, behind their theology—which will lead to friendship and effective communication of the gospel
respectfully turn many of the primary objections into opportunities to share the faith
avoid unnecessarily offending Muslims they’re interacting with
Readers will be excited that sharing Christ with Muslims is something they can do—as everyday Christians in their own cities, campuses, and workplaces.