Breaking The Cycle (Repack)

by Anchor
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Breaking the Cycle The Ultimate Solution To Destructive Patterns
Dr. James B. Richards

* Are you tired of repeating the same problems?
* Do you feel a subtle sense of lack or inadequacy?
* Are negative feelings robbing your life of joy?
* Do you sometimes feel that you can\'t find the light at the end of the tunnel?
* Do you want to feel a sense of wholeness?

Millions of people have these same feeling. You are not alone. But you CAN end your repeated struggles and break out of destructive cycles. You can end the frustration and begin to live your dreams.

In this groundbreaking book Dr. Richards will give you the tools to break free from the sense of lack and help you connect to the power of faith righteousness. Through reading this incredible book you will change the way you feel about yourself and discover the sense of wholeness that God promised for you! Every page of Breaking the Cycle will be a revelation that brings new freedom to your life!

A must read for anyone desiring to break free from old patterns! You will find the courage to live life with joy and purpose!!!