Breaking Spiritual Strongholds In Your City (Repack)

by Anchor
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Discover Heaven?s blueprint to overcoming darkness in your region!?How could God transform my city? It?s so full of sin, corruption and immorality. Revival could never come here.? Have you ever thought this? Stop being overwhelmed by darkness and start unlocking Heaven?s destiny for your city and region.Leading spiritual warfare teacher, C. Peter Wagner, offers practical strategies that will empower your prayer efforts to become more intentional and effective. Whether you?re a pastor, intercessor or Christian who desires to see city-wide revival, Breaking Spiritual Strongholds gives you Heaven?s prayer blueprint to release supernatural breakthrough in your region!Learn how:Spiritual mapping… gives you heaven?s secret strategy on how to deal with strongholdsEffective prayer… begins as you get informed about your city?s unique spiritual needsPractical deliverance… starts when you pray for your neighbors, communities and cities to be free from demonic tormentStrategic intercession… empowers you to target key prayer needs and receive specific answersStart breaking the enemy?s strongholds and become a prayer catalyst that prepares your region for revival and the Spirit?s outpouring!