Boys From Glasgow Dont Cry

by Anchor
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Boys from Glasgow Don\'t Cry is a challenging true story of struggle, survival, and victory. Caught in the grip of drug and alcohol addiction and homelessness, Peter had spiraled deeper and deeper into a desperate and dysfunctional life without limits or direction.

After years of a hedonistic lifestyle and on the run with another man\'s wife Peter had hit rock bottom when he was thrown a lifeline from an unexpected source. Without friends or options, he grabbed for the outstretched hand of Jesus and was knocked to the floor by the power of God. When he arose, Peter\'s life had completely changed.
But the real adventure was only about to begin.

Honest, uplifting, challenging, and inspiring, Boys from Glasgow Don\'t Cry is a real-life story of miraculous escapes and divine encounters. It is a story of hope in the face of impossible odds.