Born To Wander

by Anchor
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Why are we so restless?All of us have a little wanderlust—a desire for that next thing, that new place, but this competes with our longings for security, control, and safety. We don’t like how it feels to be unsettled and uprooted. But the truth is that God has a profound purpose for leading us into times of wandering.God\'\'s people have always been exiles and wanderers. And this is good news because exile transforms us. In Christ, directionless wanderers become pilgrim followers who have a clear purpose and a secure identity. In Born to Wander, Michelle Van Loon examines the deep Scriptural roots of pilgrimage. Weaving together personal stories and keen insights from the Bible, Michelle will help you own your pilgrim identity and reorient your heart toward the God who leads you home. Stop fighting the uncertainty and discover the freedom and security of resting in God alone.