Book Of Zorb, The

by Anchor
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Chrysti and Carver are just two ordinary children living out their story on the extraordinary, unexplored world of Zorb. A series of smelly and unlikely events leads them outside the safety of the Complex, where they discover the untamed power of imagination, friendship, and faith in a world full of magic and looming danger.

When the evil Takers threaten to swallow all of Zorb with their army of fearsome creations, will the citizens of Zorb retreat to the comfort and slavery of their technology, or will they choose to embrace the beautiful unknown of courage, creativity, and adventure?

\The Book of Zorb is such an entertaining read. My kids loved it, and wanted me to keep reading. And not just because they didn\'t want to go to bed!\ - Dan Bursey, Children\'s Entertainer and Author, A Town Called Islaview