Book Of Romans (Following God Through The Bible)

by Anchor
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\How can the contents of a letter written nearly two thousand years ago have anything to do with me?\ some might ask. The truth is that Paul\'s letter to the church members of Rome is just as relevant today as the day it was written. Its message is needed just as much, and its impact has not faded over the generations. The impact this letter has had upon Eddie Rasnake prompted him to write The Book of Romans, a twelve week interactive Bible study that covers every single verse of Paul\'s epistle.
Each week\'s lesson digs deeply into this treasure trove of spiritual jewels called \Romans.\ As you walk verse by verse through its chapters and become intimately acquainted with all its wealth, you will learn how God\'s plan of salvation, once reserved for the Jews, was now, at long last, open to Gentiles in Rome and upon every corner of the globe. No matter where you are in your Christian walk, you will receive new insights into age-old foundational doctrines regarding sin, repentance, justification and just how all-encompassing God\'s grace truly is. Aside from the teachings of Jesus Christ, Paul\'s epistle to the Romans contains the clearest foundational truths pertaining to salvation and Christian living found anywhere in Scripture. Through this \'Following God\' Bible study, you will see how the ageless message of Romans should be lived out today.