Book Of Bible Charts-V2

by Anchor
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The Rose Book of Bible Charts Volume 2 contains 256 pages of popular Rose Bible charts in one reproducible book! Full color, great for personal study, Bible studies, small groups, and classes: Rose Book of Bible Charts 2 includes: ‰ۢ Bible Translations Comparison Chart ‰ۢ Why Trust the Bible? ‰ۢ Reformation Time Line ‰ۢ What Christianity Has Done for the World ‰ۢ Women of the Bible ‰ۢ Christ in the Old Testament ‰ۢ Names of Jesus ‰ۢ Names of the Holy Spirit ‰ۢ Christ in the Passover ‰ۢ The Life of the Apostle Paul ‰ۢ The Lord‰۪s Prayer ‰ۢ The Beatitudes ‰ۢ Bible Promises for Hope and Courage ‰ۢ Where to Find Favorite Bible Verses ‰ۢ Worldviews Comparison ‰ۢ Christianity & Eastern Religions ‰ۢ 10 Q & A on Magic, Spells & Divination ‰ۢ 10 Q & A on Jehovah‰۪s Witnesses ‰ۢ 10 Q & A on Mormonism ‰ۢ 10 Keys to Witnessing to Cults ‰ۢ and many more! BONUS: Genesis Time Line 22" foldout To buy each of these topics individully in pamphlet format in all would cost you more than $200. And you can reproduce up to 300 copies of any chart free of charge for your own classroom. 192 pp., full color; contains most Rose material published since January 2005. Hardcover with a spine covering a spiral binding. Reproducible.