Bold As Love

by Anchor
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 A radical new look at mission, ministry, and daily Christian living that calls believers to a life of fearless and loving engagement with the world. Faith used to be tribal and geographical. Now everything is everywhere and connected, and religious strife threatens to destroy our world like never before. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Hindus-all religions are now all places, and we\'re reaping a harvest of fear, suspicion, and hatred. But imagine something different? What if you could live your faith without fear, step boldly out and trust that God will transform your corner of the world through your witness, your life, your love for others? What if:you could see your community changed?you could see the world changed?the gospel could reach the heart of our enemies the same way it does your own children? What if love really was the way? Could it be that simple? It really is that simple-and also challenging because love always is.God will move if we do. This is the book that shows us how. We don\'t have to fear other religions, perspectives; instead we must believe and live our own faith, the one that transformed our hearts, is transforming our lives, and will transform the face of the earth if we reach out and love that world the way God does and calls us to.