Blessing (Revised)

by Anchor
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Explains how the biblical gift of \ he blessing\ is the key to one\'s self-worth and emotional well-being.
Every human needs the gift of \ he blessing\\u2014the unconditional love and approval that comes from a healthy relationship with one\'s parents. In this update to the best-selling classic The Blessing, coauthors John Trent and Gary Smalley offer a fresh perspective on this life-changing gift with solid, practical advice on how to lay a secure base of in each child\'s life.
The Blessing powerfully communicates biblical truths on how to instill self-worth and emotional well-being into others based on these five essential elements:
meaningful touch
a spoken message
attaching high value
picturing a special future
an active commitment
No matter the age, the approval of our parents affects how we view ourselves and how we relate to others. So what if we\'ve missed it? The final chapters include help and hope for those who grew up without their own parent\'s blessing, the blessing and grandparents, ways to live out the blessing, and ideas for blessing events.