Blessing Of The Lord

by Anchor
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In all the world that God had created, there were no other creatures like Adam and Eve. They delighted God. In the cool dawn, in the warm noontide, in the twilight dusk, they strolled and played and knew each other. And in all the world that God had created, there was no other garden like Eden, which He had made for Adam and Eve. Plants burst out of its dark earth as though to parade their petals and fronds and branches. Animals lumbered and darted and whisked and shuffled through the garden on paths that Adam had cut...

Full of drama and wonder, these retellings of favorite Bible stories will fire a child’s imagination about the people of the Bible and the God who worked in their lives. From Adam and Eve, Moses, Little Samuel, and mighty Samson to Peter, the ten lepers, and the Samaritan woman, these stories explore the very human characters who are transformed by their extraordinary encounters with a mighty God. Dramatic, full-color paintings bring rich visual imagery to each story in this book that the whole family will enjoy and cherish.